Do you know how much printing is actually costing your company?

Printing is hardly a glamorous or remarkable topic and nobody really enjoys talking about it. So it’s often overlooked when it comes to lowering expenses.

But almost every company in the world undertakes some form of printing and most are printing a lot. In many businesses, it’s actually one of the highest monthly expenses, and they don’t even realise it!


Unmanaged printing could be costing your business thousands!

How much your company spent on print last year? Most don’t actually know and even those that do only consider the cost of the actual hardware and the cost of the supplies.

But what about the hidden costs? How much did your print devices add to your energy bills? How much time was spent by employees standing waiting for other jobs to finish before theirs came through?


7 Hidden costs of unmanaged printing

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1. Mismanaged Print Supplies

Mismanaging print supplies like toner, ink and paper will lead to this cost being much higher than it should be – and much higher than you realise.

2. Inefficient Print Devices

Printers are more affordable than ever, but oftentimes the cheaper devices are more expensive over the lifetime of the device, because of higher supplies, energy usage and maintenance costs.

3. Lost Productivity

A misplaced printer can mean a lot of unnecessary walking back and forth, and unmanaged print jobs can leave 10 people waiting for 1 person’s large print job to complete. That’s a lot of wasted time and productivity!

4. Mismanaged Settings and Unnecessary Use

Employees printing single-sided and in colour when it’s unnecessary, people printing for personal use, and accidental print jobs all add up to a costly amount over the course of 12 months.

5. Repair Costs and Wasted IT Time

Most printer problems are sent to the IT team to fix, though most don’t have the knowledge necessary to fix print devices. This wastes valuable IT time and can lead to IT tasks getting backed up.

6. Higher Energy Usage

Unmanaged printing generally leads to higher levels of energy usage because devices are less efficient, and unnecessary printing is common. This means higher bills that aren’t accredited to your printing when reviewing expenses.

7. Environmental Damage

The environmental damage caused by unmanaged printing goes unnoticed by most companies. Managed print service providers have better recycling programmes, and an MPS can help to cut down your carbon emissions, as well as wasting less print supplies.


Smart companies are adopting managed print services

To combat rising costs and save on printing expenditure, more and more companies are flocking towards managed print services for their printing needs.

A Managed Print Service is the active management and optimisation of printing devices, (printers, copiers, scanners, fax), and of print-related business processes – normally outsourced to a reliable service provider.

So, how much could you save with Managed Print Services?

There are lots of benefits of choosing a Managed Print Service (MPS), including reducing costs. Our customers have saved as much as 30% with managed print services, with most saving at least 20%!

These are big savings considering MPS can help you save on all of the hidden costs of printing as well!

The benefits of Managed Print Services:

  1. Save between 20% to 30% on printing costs.
  2. Lease options mean no more big capital expenditures or big assets on the balance sheet.
  3. Managed print services are 100% tax deductible.
  4. Improves print efficiency.
  5. Improves productivity and saves time.
  6. Frees you to concentrate on your core business.
  7. Print devices are upgradeable at any stage during the contract.

Plus, additional security!

MPS solutions can also provide additional data security benefits. For instance, we provide secure printing with a PIN release – that means that sensitive or confidential print jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer for everyone to see. Jobs are only printed when released by the user via pin!


Considering Managed Print Services for your business?

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