In recent years, the world has begun to turn its attention towards environmental awareness. With issues like water pollution, climate change and deforestation increasingly featuring in the news and in international summits, many businesses are seeking ways to be more eco-friendly.

Some changes are easier to make than others, such as introducing recycling bins to the office and the canteen. Other changes are more complex, such as implementing environmentally friendly printing policies and practices.


Eco-friendly companies are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS)

For decades, businesses around the world have been turning to third-party Managed Print Services to save on costs and improve efficiency. Now, with more of an impetus being put on reducing waste and emissions, eco-friendly companies are putting a renewed focus on adopting MPS.


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7 ways Managed Print Services can make your business more environmentally friendly


1. Comprehensive printing analysis

At the outset, an MPS provider will complete a comprehensive printing assessment. This assessment gives you a clear and detailed analysis of your company’s printing behaviour, volume and costs which can provide immediate insight into opportunities for reducing waste and improving printing efficiency.


2. Reduced printing waste

A Managed Print Service helps you to reduce printing waste by dramatically reducing unnecessary printing. Standardised printing settings reduces unnecessary 1-sided printing and coloured-printing, so less paper is wasted. MPS also centralises your supply ordering aren’t so items aren’t over-ordered and left to go bad or worse – missing!

There are also a host of other features that MPS introduces that can dramatically cut down on unnecessary printing and waste which means less pollution, less deforestation and a smaller carbon footprint!


3. Reduced energy usage

MPS helps you to implement more efficient printing practices. Cutting out your unnecessary printing doesn’t just mean less waste pollution and more savings, it also means your printers use less energy. So it benefits both the environment and your expense budget!


4. More recycled materials

What did you do with your last defunct printer? Managed print service providers tend to have far better recycling programmes for print devices that are passed their use by date than most companies can muster. They can often refurbish the device so they can be used in other markets.

This means less electrical waste going into landfills and lower print device production levels which can have a big impact on carbon emissions.

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5. More efficient print devices

Consolidated print devices provided by MPS providers are often far more efficient that regular off-the-shelf printers. This means they can use less energy while meeting your print requirements and often use little to no energy when they are left idle.


6. Reduced number of printers

As part of the service, most MPS providers will help you to optimise the locations and distribution of your print devices to best suit your needs.

This usually means you can reduce the number of print devices you need, cutting down on your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time!


7. Going digital

While this might be considered a digital age, companies are actually printing more than ever! One of the most impactful ways a company can go eco-friendly is by implementing paperless systems where they can.

Most MPS providers can also assist your company to implement cloud-based file sharing, data storage and communications which can help you to replace paper systems altogether.

This can eliminate the need to print documents archiving as well as for internal processes which can lead to a more sustainable way to conduct business.


Check out this article to find out how much MPS could save your business.


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