Printing could be costing your company a lot more than you realise!

Almost every company prints. And despite the digital age we’re living in, most companies print a lot. But when it comes to saving on costs, our printing is often overlooked, even though we would be saving thousands!

This tends to be because most managers don’t actually know how much their toner refills, paper refills or printer repair costs add up to over the course of the year. And, those that do know tend to think that implementing a solution would be too complex and too time-intensive.

However, unmanaged printing could be costing your business thousands every year, even before you take into account the hidden costs of unmanaged printing!


7 Hidden costs of unmanaged printing:

1. Mismanaged Print Supplies

Regular print supplies like toner, ink and paper aren’t a hidden cost. However, mismanaging these supplies will lead to this cost being much higher than it should be.

For instance, employees often purchase more toner than they need and leave the extra in a store room where it’s forgotten about. The next time the toner runs low, new toner is ordered (probably too much!) and the extra toner is eventually discarded when it’s finally stumbled upon.

The same can happen with the wrong paper being ordered, or supplies being left unsecured and unmonitored, where everyone can help themselves. It can easily add up to thousands each year!


2. Inefficient Print Devices

Do you know the cost-per-print of each of your print devices? Printers are becoming more affordable than ever, but most businesses don’t have a clue about their ongoing running costs.

Most businesses send someone out to the nearest electronics store to get the best deal on an off-the-shelf printer. What seems to be a ‘good deal’ initially, can often be far more expensive over the lifetime of the device with higher supplies, energy usage and maintenance costs.

A general rule of thumb in the print industry is – the cheaper the printer, the higher the operating cost over the lifetime of the device.


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3. Lost Productivity

How far do you have to walk to get something you have printed? Most company printers are not placed by design but placed in the space that was available at the time. A poorly located printer can lead to a huge amount of wasted time – particularly when those that print the most are not located in the closest proximity.

Unmanaged print jobs can also hammer productivity. Say the director hits print on a hundred-page report – 2-sided, in colour – and 10 staff members stand waiting for his to finish before each of their 1-page print jobs begin. That’s a lot of wasted time, simply because the printer cannot handle the workload.

Not to mention when a printer goes down. Some operations can come to a standstill while waiting for it to be repaired!


4. Mismanaged Settings and Unnecessary Use

Do your print device default to print in mono (black and white) and on both sides of the paper? Well most don’t! Most employees’ print settings default to single-sided printing, and in colour. For most print jobs this is completely unnecessary.

And when it comes to unnecessary use, how often do you think employees print off documents that they shouldn’t? This includes personal use, and documents that end up in the bin or the shredder just minutes later. It’s probably a lot more than you think!

Mismanaged print settings and unnecessary use of print devices can work out to be very costly over the course of 12 months, not to mention 10 years!


5. Repair Costs and Wasted IT Time

When your printer goes down who do you call? Most people call their IT team or IT guy because – “they’re good with that kind of stuff”.
In actual fact, IT teams often don’t have the knowledge necessary to fix print devices whether it’s a software issue or a mechanical issue. So they often end up having to contact the manufacturer or their local provider.

This wastes valuable IT time and can lead to other support tasks getting backed up, not to mention the cost of the repair itself, and the more varied the print devices are, the more time that gets wasted.


6. Higher Energy Usage

Some of your printing costs are actually hidden away in your monthly electricity bills. Unmanaged printing generally leads to higher levels of energy usage, which of course means higher bills.

This is because unmanaged printing tends to result in older, less efficient devices. These devices then tend to be over-used with unnecessary printing. The wrong devices, more suited to small jobs, tend to be used for larger print print jobs. And, print devices tend to be left on for longer periods when they’re not required.

All of which uses more energy than it should, costing more than it should.


7. Environmental Damage

One of the hidden costs of unmanaged printing that doesn’t feature end up on many companies radars is the cost of unmanaged print to the environment.

What did you do with your last defunct printer? Did it go in a skip? Managed print service providers tend to have far better recycling programmes than most companies can muster for print devices passed their use by date. They can often refurbish the device so they can be used in other markets.

Choosing a managed print service also means more efficient energy usage, cutting down on carbon emissions, as well as a more efficient use of print supplies like paper and toner. So less harmful waste ends up in the environment!


How much would a Managed Print Service save your business?

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