Managed Print Services

Save time, money and hassle with our managed print services.

Our managed print service covers all aspects of a company’s printing and can save you both time and money. We achieve these savings by analysing your business’s printing requirements and providing more visibility and control of your printing at both the input and output stages. 

This service also includes the management of your print devices such as your printers, scanners, copiers and multifunctional devices as well as document management and workflow solutions to improve your company’s print environment.

Real Savings with a DC Networks Managed Print Service

In simple terms these cost savings are achieved by:


Being more efficient

  • Saving employees time and
  • Saving energy costs.

Less capital costs

  • Less print devices required and
  • Less ink toner and paper purchased.

Printing less

  • Better requirement analysis and
  • Less ink/ toner/ paper used.

What To Expect

How we achieve these savings and provide more predictable costings.

DC Networks Managed Print Services enable you to consolidate all of your printing costs and suppliers, giving you a more predictable monthly spend. By entering into a contract with DC Networks you can ensure you have what you need, when and where you need it, without unexpected additional costs for maintenance and servicing.

1. Analysis of your print requirements.

Our analysis considers all aspects of your company’s printing requirements, including scanning, printing, copying and faxing. We include an audit of your company’s printing which will show you in detail what is being printed on each device, by whom and how much it costs.

This can help you understand what each department is printing, whether you have unnecessary or overworked devices and will enable you to consolidate your devices and cut down on maintenance and toner costs. We also review your company’s processes to understand what is being printed is required.

2. Reduction or removal of ‘local’ desktops printers.

One of the first things we assess is the use of local/ desktop print devices. They are typically more inefficient and costly than multifunctional devices.

These printers normally service individual users because they are rarely networked. This makes them inefficient in most business environments and they also often require unique ink toner cartridges that are usually more costly and can cause purchasing and inventory challenges.

3. Consolidation of print devices.

Our analysis will also highlight where your business might have too many multifunctional devices and identify where they can be consolidated into fewer devices. For example, perhaps a department does not print enough to justify its own printer meaning it can be shared with another department meaning fewer print devices to purchase and maintain.

4. Review of print device placements.

Placing your print devices in areas that are accessible for an appropriate amount of employees will help improve workflow and optimise your device usage across employees so you won’t have most of your employees trying to print on one device, with very few printing on another or employees having to access devices in different parts of the building.

5. Replacement of inefficient devices.

Inefficient devices will break down regularly and often require frequent servicing, which is a drain on your resources, costing both time and money. We identify which of your print devices are under-performing and replace them for you with more efficient devices.

6. Automation of supply and delivery of ink/ toner.

Through our MPS Print Audit Software, we can automate your toner purchasing which means that you don’t need someone responsible for monitoring stock and placing orders.

DC Networks will keep a constant monitor of your devices and automatically deliver new toner based on when your devices are running low. This eliminates downtime caused by running out of ink/ toner and eliminates ordering too much stock.

Why Choose DC Networks?

Reliable expert support for all your business's IT needs.

No Jargon

No Jargon

Plain English is the key to you feeling confident in your service provider. We make sure you will always understand what we say by using clear, concise, easy-to-understand language.

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Service Before Sales

Our approach is not sales driven. With our comprehensive suite of solutions we focus on getting what is right for your business rather than pushing just another product.

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Single Point Of Contact

We provide a comprehensive suite of excellent IT solutions that can be tailored to cover all of your specific business needs. Consolidate your IT outsourcing down to a single point of contact.

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Best In Class

We provide the best-in-class products and services available, tailored specifically for your business needs and your bottom line.

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Personal Service

From the top-down, we see ourselves as your employee. Getting to know you, your business, and your staff is part of our personal service.

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Customer Service

We consistently achieve better than SLA response times and we always have more engineers than we need to make sure that you are always covered.

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