In 2019, there’s no contesting the fact that Office 365 is one of the most powerful tools that businesses of all sizes can adopt in order to increase efficiency, communication, and productivity.

With tools that encompass every part of the business process, organisations without Office 365 are seriously missing out. Since Microsoft offers 24/7 IT support for Office 365, many business owners may choose to leave the management of Office 365 to Microsoft.

However, another option exists, too—enlisting the help of a managed service provider (MSP). Why should businesses seriously consider hiring an MSP to manage Office 365 and the remainder of their IT concerns?


1. MSPs allow office managers to leave Office 365 implementation to the experts.

Microsoft has ensured that setting up Office 365 for an organisation of any size is as streamlined and accessible as possible. However, the process is still a demanding one! An MSP will make it easier for offices deploying Office 365 to determine which Office 365 plan is most beneficial for them while also keeping performance and security at the max.


2. Businesses can utilise MSPs to free up additional resources.

Any entrepreneur knows that running a business means a constant exchange of resources. Time, money, staff allocation, and more are all at stake! Utilising an MSP’s expertise means that in-house IT experts will be free to tackle individual, day-to-day concerns. This saves time and money while directing business staff toward more critical issues.


3. MSPs help offices to take full advantage of the cloud.

One aspect of the Office 365 suite which results in a number of pros and cons is that it’s hosted on the cloud. While this comes with some incredible benefits for modern businesses, it also means that Office 365 won’t function at its best when the internet is down. Of course, Microsoft will do everything it can to ensure that Office 365 runs smoothly, but offices with connectivity problems are out of luck.

Businesses who have invested in Office 365 should ensure that they receive the most out of it, meaning that their network needs to be stable, too! MSPs will stay on top of this while the remainder of the office manages the other things most important for smooth operation.

Managed service providers can also recommend backup, provide and implement third-party backup solutions for Office 365 email and Sharepoint!


4. Utilising an MSP is a way to remain proactive.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of successfully running a business is to remain proactive in all aspects of management. Because anything can go wrong when managers and business owners least expect it, the best way to stay on top of security breaches and possible technical failures is with an MSP.

Of course, business owners and office managers want to know the truth: apart from these advantages, do you need an MSP for Office 365? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

MSPs allow businesses to utilise every ounce of usefulness provided by Office 365, so they can get the most out of their monthly Office 365 subscription. Plus, as competition increases, it becomes more and more important for organisations of all sizes to stay ahead of the game—utilising Office 365 under the watchful eye of an MSP is one of the best ways to do this and keep up with industry standards.


Finally, office managers should make sure that the cloud is working for them rather than against them. As previously discussed, embracing cloud-based services has a variety of pros and cons, with the largest risk being security concerns. Any business with an MSP can feel even more secure that data in the cloud is safe and sound.

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