Whether you’re a startup, established developer or an expanding business, investing in your own IT infrastructure is expensive.

And it’s not simply the capital costs of the servers and other hardware. The costs for all aspects of your network can really add up, including design, maintenance, security, updates, redundancy – the list goes on. These costs can be prohibitive to company growth and can snowball as systems are adapted and upgraded over time. Not to mention the struggle involved in finding and keeping the talent needed to implement it all.

With the beginning of a new decade close at hand, Irish developers and expanding companies are moving towards more modern cloud solutions to combat these costs.


AWS vs Bespoke Cloud Solutions - DC Networks Azure vs Bespoke Cloud Solutions - DC Networks

Third Party Cloud Solutions Like AWS and Azure

More and more Irish developers are adopting serverless, pay-as-you-go cloud computing models and moving to outsourced cloud services like Azure and AWS. Cloud services like these provide companies with a lot of advantages over their previous setups in areas like security, scalability, flexibility, reliability, and savings.

Hybrid cloud computing is also becoming increasingly popular, allowing companies to combine third party cloud solutions with their on-site private cloud.

However, many developers and businesses in Ireland, and indeed around the world, are finding that the benefits of rolling out on these services can be more limited than it seems at first glance.


Where is Azure and AWS falling short?

Aside from the hardware savings, companies are also trying to find ways to reduce the time and money required to take care of their infrastructure while also maintaining their own applications.

Many developers and companies pushing for growth often don’t have the skill sets or person-hours required to ensure they have the optimal setup and necessary monitoring, backups, updates and redundancy in place across the full stack of their IT infrastructure. These are more complex issues than can be solved simply by adopting Azure and AWS.

And while many new companies are adopting new technologies for their applications, such as AI, IoT or blockchain, for the huge number of companies that have been built on (and are still getting started on) traditional and more established technologies such as SQL servers, Azure and AWS aren’t always the best fit.

For many of these companies, to restructure their systems to work with these services, it can be a very costly investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of the time investment required.

So where are these companies turning to innovate and make themselves more competitive? Many of them are choosing bespoke cloud solutions from established IT partners.



Bespoke Cloud Solutions Partners

The face of IT companies in Ireland is changing. The more forward-thinking IT companies are now positioning themselves to provide Bespoke Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Bespoke Cloud Solutions to Irish companies who are looking to innovate, grow and become more competitive.

Bespoke Cloud Solutions partners provide developers and businesses with the option of outsourcing the design, setup and deployment of their cloud infrastructure, and more importantly, the ongoing management of that infrastructure.

With the right partner, you simply tell them what your infrastructure needs to achieve and they design and build it to match your needs – hence the ‘Bespoke’ part of the service.


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Benefits of a Bespoke Cloud Solutions Partner vs. Azure or AWS for Irish Development Companies

1. Optimal Cloud Infrastructure Design and Setup

Because your infrastructure is designed based on your requirements, it’s more efficient and thus more cost effective.
Developers and regular businesses alike also benefit from the expertise and experience of their cloud solutions partner when it comes to achieving the optimal infrastructure design, setup, deployment. This makes experience an important factor when choosing a partner, and it greatly reduces the need to have such high-level infrastructure skills in-house.

As with the likes of AWS and Azure, a reliable cloud partner can also provide the scalability, backups, access, and redundancy that any professional application and business needs to be able to rely on.


2. Reliable Infrastructure Management

For developers looking to be competitive by focusing only on business-critical activities, the aim is usually to put time, effort and investment into their applications and processes. Bespoke cloud solutions partners empower this approach by taking on the ongoing management and maintenance of the companies infrastructure.

Activities such as monitoring and managing the performance, disk space, bandwidth and memory of servers and virtual machines can be reliably outsourced in their entirety to their partner. Infrastructure management also includes the likes of your software updates, backups and configuration.

So, there’s no need to invest person-hours into these activities, and no need for the investment in up skilling in-house staff that would be required to maintain the infrastructure otherwise.


3. More Efficiency, Thus Lower Costs

There’s also the added benefit of having the partner optimising the resources being deployed by your infrastructure. You only use the resources your systems need, and scale them up as required, keeping efficiency high and costs down.


4. Security and Protection

Cloud solutions providers have to be on the forefront of cyber security and protection, you can also rely on your partner to ensure your infrastructure is always secure and up to date with the latest firewall and antivirus updates. Another skill set that would be required in-house otherwise.


5. Capital Savings

While services like AWS and Azure save companies hugely on the capital costs involved in purchasing and maintaining your own hardware, Bespoke Cloud Partners can often go one step further by providing savings on licensing fees as well as these capital costs.

This will depend on the Bespoke Cloud Solutions Partner of course but it’s an additional saving that can be quite considerable depending on the organisation.


6. Ongoing Support

While AWS and Azure can provide support for the use of their systems, they can often fall short of providing you with support for your specific applications and deployment. Because a cloud partner has designed and deployed your infrastructure, they understand your business and software needs, and they can provide you with more hands-on support as you grow.


7. Save time and money

While the time and money savings involved have been touched upon in the previous points, it’s important to note that one of the main drivers behind developers and companies choosing bespoke cloud solutions partners is the massive savings they can make.

Not just the savings on the hardware investment that also apply to services like AWS and Azure, but also the huge savings on the ongoing time, skills and investment required to keep a company’s infrastructure running and scaling.


Can Bespoke Cloud Solutions Be Combined With Azure and AWS?

In short, yes. Probably one of the best aspects of having a bespoke partner is that you can combine their services along with your AWS or Azure deployments. It’s the very nature of bespoke services.

Do you need to deploy your databases on Azure but want a partner who can design and deploy your application servers? This is the kind of bespoke solution that the right partner can provide.


Bespoke Cloud Solutions vs Azure vs AWS - DC Networks

What’s The Best Choice For Your Company?

Companies that have the time, money, person-hours and expertise to design, build, deploy, and manage their infrastructure in-house will continue moving towards Azure and AWS to save on costs and make themselves more competitive.

Developers and companies that are looking to focus more on their core activities to become more cost efficient and more competitive will continue moving towards outsourcing their infrastructure to Bespoke IaaS and Cloud Solutions partners.


Either way, the growing trends of companies adopting third party IaaS and cloud solutions look set to continue redefining and reshaping entire industries for years to come.