Here are 7 research-proven ways that remote working can help improve the life of an office manager.

1. Better productivity

Many studies have shown that remote working staff are more productive. Mainly this is environmental (no gossip to distract, no noise/smells/queues to impact working practices) but partly it’s because telecommuters are just more likely to commit to work.

2. No more commuting

The commute is history. You can source the best staff from anywhere in the country, or the world – they don’t have to fight the traffic to get to your office any more.

3. Fewer overheads

Your overheads will decline rapidly. Less office space, fewer managers to manage the same resources, less electricity use, no expensive parking places, massively reduced expenses bills … there’s no end to the savings you can make without affecting productivity.

4. More loyalty

Loyalty escalates. The old belief that remote staff can easily be seduced away has been proven untrue. The companies that lose remote workers generally offer monotonous work and have less good interpersonal relationships with their remote teams. So as an office manager you’ll find you’re spending more time fostering great communications and that means you’ll keep your talent.

5. Healthier lifestyle

With remote working, health improves. And not just your own! Office managers often cite stress as a common cause of time off work, and office workers often have difficult commutes, infect each other due to close proximity and struggle with working conditions like fluorescent light and communal toilets.

At home they are familiar with their environment, can control their circumstances and often take more breaks to stretch or exercise, ensuring they remain in better health for longer and take fewer sick days.

6. Improved communication

Cloud communications create better meetings. Seriously, it’s true! Unlike the often stultifying drone of managers’ voices and the boredom of the powerpoint, virtual meetings offer scope for more imaginative communications such as interactive tables and infographics, video clips and more.

7. Easier project management

Connecting with and managing employees remotely is easy with modern communications, while project management tools simplify your both daily tasks and complex projects.

So, there you have it. 7 ways that remote working will make your day better!