The landscape of business IT and data security is constantly changing, and for many companies, managing your business IT internally can become cumbersome and difficult. Each year, more and more companies are looking to outsourced IT solutions to gain a competitive edge and streamline their processes and per-user IT support plans are fast becoming a popular choice.

The per-user model for IT support services come with a wide range of benefits including simplifying budgeting, reducing costs, improving security and streamlining user experience. To outline more clearly how Irish businesses benefit from the per-user IT support plan model, we have created the following case study based on a real global company in the technology sector, with offices in Dublin and abroad.

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This case study looks at how outsourced IT services can help companies to meet their goals, become more efficient and secure, and free up person-hours to focus on core competencies and growth.


  1. Background
  2. Problems
  3. Solution
  4. Results


Company Background

Company Ltd. (pseudonym) is a global company in the business technology sector, with offices based in Dublin, Ireland. With 45+ staff members, their core services are in data technology and research & development and include automation, software development, business Intelligence & analytics and more.

For years, Company Ltd. managed all of their IT requirements in-house. A goal for Company Ltd. was to utilise their staff’s time and expertise in the best way possible to maximise their capabilities to deliver on their core services.

Goal: Utilise staff time and expertise and maximise their capabilities to deliver on core services.


Problems Faced

Company Ltd. had a strong expertise within their in-house IT team, however, as happens with many companies, over time in-house systems can become cumbersome and lead to slower response times, disrupted service and, in general, wasted money and resources.

Due to a change in management at Company Ltd., the goal of maximising their staff’s time and expertise was prioritised. A focus was put on:

  1. Reclaiming the time wasted due to IT issues
  2. Ensuring rapid response to user problems
  3. Implementing streamlined IT services for every staff member
  4. Consolidating IT costs more efficiently
  5. Securing all of Company Ltd.’s hardware and software


The Solution: IT User Support Bundles

For Company Ltd., the solution to their IT problems and business objectives was to outsource their IT to a reliable managed IT service, more specifically, the DC Networks User Support Bundle 3. These per-user IT support bundles are simple and easy-to-manage, combining a complete suite of IT support services into one, including:

  • Office 365 Business Premium Antivirus & Anti-spam
  • Device Encryption Monitoring and Reporting Mailbox backup
  • Onsite, Remote & Phone Support
  • OneDrive, Exchange, Skype & Sharepoint Online

… and more. These services were all combined into one price, per user to be easily scalable up or down.


The Results

Implementing per-user IT support took 2 business days to complete and has drastically improved the number of person-hours available for Company Ltd. to focus on core competencies and business growth and delivered the following benefits:

  • Streamlined, consistent experience for all users
  • Ensured rapid response to user problems
  • Consolidated monthly IT costs
  • Encryption on all mobile devices
  • Cloud-based, self-updating antivirus
  • Complete peace of mind in their IT Frequent data backups throughout the day.

For a more detailed version including the IT challenges faced and the process involved, download the case study .pdf by clicking below.

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